Im Scared My Jack Russell Dog Keeps Chattering His Teeth And Shaking. What Should His Normal Temperature Be.when I Took His Temperature It Was 38.9c ?


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That's about 102.2 f? That's still within normal ranges. What you should do is call your vet and speak to them as you are concerned and seem to be something abnormal. That way you can go over everything during discussion and they can get necessary details. Then they can let you know if it seems okay and what you should watch for or if it sounds like enough of a concern to need to see your pup quickly. Hope your baby is okay.
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Dogs have a coat for a reason, protection. They never had a house in the past and they don’t need air conditioned houses now, either. If you like having your dog in doors and the smell doesn’t bother you too much go ahead and let them in. It’s all in what type of relationship you want with your pooch. They were bred to live outdoors but dogs are smart if they can fake being cold by shaking and acting weak then they will do it and train you to respond the way they want you to act. Jacks are great actors and very smart I guess that’s why they make great TV and movie dogs but they are very tough too they can handle all types of whether hot or cold. A descent dog house against the elements and exterior shade from the HOT Sun and their good to go, Remember their DOGS not people.

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