My Yorkie Has Started Chattering His Teeth After Licking His Penis, What Is Up With That?


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All 3 of my dogs do that too. I don't think it has anything to do with pain. They lick each other's penises and do the same thing. It's quite disturbing. I do seriously doubt it's pain tho...I'd look further into it.
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I am concerned that both these responses are related to pain.  Have your dog examined by a veterinarian to rule out a urinary tract infection and bladder stones.  Licking the penis can be a response to irritation and now we have to figure out where the irritation is coming from.  Teeth chattering can also be a sign of discomfort; it also may be an incidental finding.
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He is otherwise healthy-eats and urinates regularly. Drinks water, etc. He is alert and bright eyed, not lethargic or anything. I will consult with my vet, however-thank you Ann Falk!

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