What Can We Do For Our Dog That Drank Some Dirty Water?


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I would have this dog examined by a veterinarian immediately. 
If this is gastrointestinal upset you can try giving Pepcid--the dose is 0.5 milligram per kilogram by mouth given twice daily.  Offer boiled chicken, boiled rice, canned pumpkin, or puppy food.  Try feeding Pedialyte or flavoring the water with a small amount of chicken broth or vanilla ice cream.

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Have him nibble some grass. OR, if you suspect for the worse, call poison control. My puppy got into some rat poison once and they had us feed him a spoon of *I THINK* that kind of alcohol that comes in a brown plastic bottle. He turned out fine when this stuff made him purge his stomach (barf).
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That "stuff " in the brown bottle is peroxide...not alcohol! Do not feed your fur baby alcohol.
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Calm down its a dog they drink dirty rain water just give him a few days maybe hes just tired
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Thankyou!  He's doing great today, split his meals today, ate fine.  His energy level is back to normal. 

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