What Should We Do If We Suspect That One Of Our Neighbours Is Mistreating Their Pets?


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I am an animal lover & have rescued many abused animals & i think its a lot like children as far as being helpless. They need someone to watch out for them. If they are being mistreated i will not hesitate to turn them in to authorities.
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Usually you get an $500.00 - $1000.00 fine for not respect your pets. Contact the RSPCA or something and tell them.
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Call animal control and have them do a check on them, thanks for being so caring:)
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Directly confronting your neighbor could be dangerous.  People who mistreat their pets are generally not very nice people to begin with!!  Making an enemy of a neighbor can be a long-term hassle for you and your family.  The neighbor may seek revenge for what he sees as your interference for a long time.  I think your best bet is to call the local SPCA or animal control in your city.  Unless, and this is a big unless, you know the dog to be in immediate danger.  There is no excuse for cruelty to animals...they are helpless and defenseless.  As you know, much of our  country is in the middle of a "deep freeze" and in our city recently a family left their 3 dogs out in below freezing weather and one died.   The remaining 2 dogs were taken away and charges are being brought against the owner for the death of the one dog.  Pets love unconditionally and that poor dog, no doubt,  died loving the person who left it in the cold to freeze to death.  Shameful!
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I would call the non emergency number for the police, ask them if they can check it out or if they can direct me to someone who can. Unless it was going on and I saw it, but then I would probably not even bother picking up the phone, I would take care of it myself :)
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"Assassination is always and option."
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I would confront the person and talk politely to them about this issue...and If nothing is resolved take some action and report...
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The cops here enforce nothing regarding animals.  One animal is neglected, left outside in all weather, barking thru the night.  If it gets out, it always goes back to the neighbor.  This same neighbor has plenty of money, has landscapers, but when her dog started to limp, she would not take it to the vet.  It has been limping for a month.

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