Why Are Wasp Stings Worse Than Bee Stings? Are They Dangerous?


3 Answers

Michelle New Zealand Profile
One wasp can sting you a couple of times without stop but a bee can only string you ones and then it dies.  A wasp don't lose its stinger that is way it can sting you more than ones.  I Bee looses his stinger and that is way it can only sting ones and die.
If you are allergic to Bee stings then one Bee would be enough to kill you
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Did the doctor say that you could take benadryl to alleviate some of the itch and pain? I would think that he would, and then give you some pain meds for it.
Having never been stung by either I cannot imagine how miserable you must be...I suggest a visit to the hospital or Dr. If the medrol pack did no good...♥Nassy

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