My Cat Is Limping After His Feline Leukemia Vaccine Yesterday. Should I Be Worried?


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Your cat needs to be rechecked by your veterinarian.  He sounds very sensitive to vaccine and has a reaction to them.  He needs to be placed on medication to help with his discomfort, reduce his fever, and get him eating and drinking again.  Your veterinarian may administer subcutaneous fluids (fluids under the skin) to help with hydration.  It is a concern when kittens stop eating and drinking--they are very prone to dehydration and hypoglycemia. 
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Thank you for your response. My kitten has since begun eating and drinking again. His fever is gone and he is alert to his surroundings. He seems to be having joint pain. He is moving very slowly and only short distances. He is not playing and not very active. I spoke with my vet and they say, that since he is so sensitive to everything, they don't want to give him anything else. I am watching him for now. Hopefully, he will come out of this soon. He does have an appt with the vet on Tuesday morning.
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We took a tame ferrel cat to be spayed yesterday. It turned out she was already fixed. The free clinic gave her a 3 in 1 distemper shot and a rabies shot and gave her flea medicine called Revolution.
She was a little anxious when we took her home but then today she was lethargic and she did not eat nor drink nor go to the bathroom.
This evening she is limping and will not let us touch her right leg. She growls if we try to touch her.
We called the vet and they said to wait a day or two to see how she does. We are worried. Should we take her to the hospital?
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It's probably sore at the injection site. Your cat should be fine after a couple of days. If it isn't, call your vet and ask for assistance. Good luck!!
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I'm no vet but I would say he/she is probably sore. Just let him/her rest and it should be fine.
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The leukemia and rabies shots can be very harmful unfortunetly! But the virus can be deadly as well! It is not uncommon for joint pain and symptoms like you described. I suggest taking it to a vet nontheless because it can be serious if he is not treated properly. I have seen a cat lose muscle movement permently from the rabies shot. Always mke sure your cat is a hundred percent healthy before vaccinations

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