Which Snake Eats Its Offsprings?


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Most snakes will eat their off springs if they try to be clingy and stay with them, when a snake is born, it is left to make it on it's own, with no help from it's mother, they need to learn this in order to survive.x
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Redbike, from this site, raises snakes.  You can go to her site and leave her a message.  She would have the answer I'm sure.
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Most if given the chance would eat their offspring. Snakes don't raise their young once they hatch or are born (some give birth to live young instead of laying eggs) they are to fend for themselves. Most snakes will eat other snakes, but most of the time they won't eat their own offspring. www.umass.edulink
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I want to know that is it only a myth that snakes eat their own offspring or its reality
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Snakes and maximum number of cold blooded animals would eat there offspring therefore they are not there when there eggs hatches whether they are snakes or turtles however there are exceptions also  

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