What Sound Does A Kangaroo Make?


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They jump around and go boing boing lol xD plz rate this helpful!
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Actualy I get them in my back yard, and they make a kind of clicking sound, but when you think about it, they are just over grown Wabbits weally. :))
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MOOOOOOO!!! Or sometimes when they are really excited they go oink.
Hope this helps :)
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They go boing boing boing when they jump.
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G'day Yarnlady,

Thank you for your question.

Kangaroos have two sounds a chittering sound and a lip-smacking sound. If you ever saw Skippy, you would know what they sound like.

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Thanks, Keith. An Aussie on another site said he had never heard a kangaroo make the sounds that Skippy makes.

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