What Sound Does A Lamb Make?


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The Sound Is Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba!!!
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When it comes to the nomenclature of the sound that a lamb makes, it is called 'bleat' and the word is not used only for a lamb but its adult version also bears the same sound and also goat. Though the sound is being written in the language, when it comes to the exact sound that it makes, you can use the word 'baaah' to represent it.

Usually we find the exact representation of the sound of an animal in literature only where writers use the concept for better effect and to connect well with the readers. The exact representation is also considered better because even if you have no idea about the sound that a lamb makes, the exact representation makes the job easy and the reader does not require consulting dictionary to know the meaning.
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Like a bleating sound or as some people would say....BAHHH BAHHH BAHHH! But thts for a sheep
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