My Dog Has A Clear Mucus On Her Eyeball How Do I Get It Off?


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Dogs, like people, do have a clear covering over the eyeball. If this mucus you mentioned is more than that, you can try to get it off by wetting a cotton swab and moving it to the inner corner of her eye so that you can remove it. Don't use a tissue because it will place fibers in her eye that can scratch and damage it. If the mucus continues, or turns yellow, or her eye looks sore, call your vet. She might have conjunctivitis (commonly known as pink-eye) and will need medication to clear up the infection.
Good luck! ~Pasha
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My dog is under treatment for same thing now and its either dry eyes , something is in it and the mucus is trying to clear it out, and the vet needs to give you special drops to keep the eye moist for now take a clean damp SPF cloth and slowly keep moving the strand of mucus to the edge and then off the eye to the fur and get it off

it may be a contagious pink eye too so get it to the vet asap as I did and I'm glad I did

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