How To Get My Cat To Sleep Next To Me?


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If you have a door then close it in and get rid of the bed put them next to you and rub them till they get tired.Do so every night for at lest a week then he'll feel nice and like to go to bed with you!
Sweet dreams to you two!
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you can touch the forehead politely,so that it wont move away from you, it will like the person who touches the forehead..
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Take your cat and cuddle with it on your bed several times a day and night. In time it will get use to sleeping with you in bed. Good luck!!!!
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I have the same problem:/.
Thank you guys for the advice.
I really hope it works with my cat:).
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I'd like to know that answer, too. My 8 pound cat loves nothing more than to sleep on my head and purr as loudly as possible, so I'd like to get him to sleep by me rather than on top of me.
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I am eleven and my cat is seventeen. She finds it too hard to climb onto my bed, so she sleeps on a blanket on the floor. I put some treats there for her to keep her calm, and because she is old her litter tray is a must have. Just give her some time. She might have a perfectly good reason for not sleeping there. Try coaxing her in and gently stroking her until she calms down.
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I used to have a cat that'd wake me up in the morning. Just try to get the cat more comfortable hanging out with you.  You could try getting the cat to sit on your bed and just pet it til it makes itself comfortable.  Then you go to sleep once it's already settled in.  It might stay.  I don't know what else to suggest since cats just do what they want to do.  Maybe if the cat is older and has arthritis it doesn't like to climb up on your high bed.  I've got a cat that tends to stick with lower places and the floor since she is older.
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my cats 5 years old and very energetic so she has no problem jumping up on my bed but ill see if shell sleep with me tonight
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You probably cannot accomplish this. Cats are independent and they make their own decisions. I have had a lot of cats and some like to sleep next to me, but most of them do not. I guess you could put tuna perfume on...(just kidding) carol stanley

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