What Does A Anteater Look Like?


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And Anteater looks like an Armadillo except with a long snout.

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Psst; no they don't. Anteaters are way bigger, don't have armor, and have a different skeletal structure
This is an anteater. It gets to be up to 7' long is an armadillo. It grows up to a foot long: "sorta" related, but not particularly closely, and they really don't look much alike.
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There are four species of anteaters (or, tamanduas, a Native american word meaning "insect eater"). They are the Silky anteater / tamandua, Northern anteater / tamandua, Southern anteater / tamandua and the Giant anteater. The Northern, Southern and Silky anteaters are arboreal (tree-dwellers) and therefore have prehensile tails (meaning they can wrap their tails around things and hold on with them).

Silky anteater / tamandua. This guy weighs in at only about a ½ of a lb. (200 g.).

Northern anteater / tamandua. This guy weighs between 5 and 15 lbs. The brown or tan part of their coat can vary between light beige to a golden brown. This anteater / tamandua looks like he is wearing a dark black-brown to black "vest."

Southern anteater / tamandua. He weighs about the same as his northern cousin but his "vest" is much lighter to nonexistent. Their tan coat can vary between light beige to a golden brown.

Giant anteater (usually not referred to as a tamandua), above and below. The brown in their coat can vary from light tan to dark brown.
This fellow is the largest of the anteaters and can weigh up to a whopping 86 lbs. That is about 7 lbs more than my Weimaraner (dog) used to weigh.
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Oops! I forgot the kg. Equivalents. The Northern and Southern tamanduas weigh in between 2.3 to 6.8 kg. And the Giant anteater can weigh up to 30 kg.

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