Does A Female Sparrow Give Live Birth To Baby Sparrows Or Does She Lay Eggs?


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Every bird lays eggs. Mammals give birth. The only two mammals that DON'T give birth is the platypus and anteater.
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Birds Always lay eggs. Mammals have live births/ feed their young with breast milk.
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I have a small fountain in my backyard. This morning I found two tiny, tiny baby birds, almost no feathers, dead, in the lower bowl. There were considerable "droppings" in the lower pool, also. As if a bird had extreme diarrhea (sp) in the lower pool. I've never seen anything like this prompted me to this website. No broken egg shells in the pool. What's up with this. The birds were not mangled (as if stolen from a nest).
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This sounds like quite a mystery. Is your fountain under a tree or is there a nest somewhere above the fountain? If the baby birds were sick or touched by human hands, the mother may have put them out of the nest.
I found an adult bird laying in my neighbors yard two weeks ago. No sign of injury anywhere on the bird. Still wondering about that. Also have a blackbird that has flown up under the eave of our house 3 times that i know of, which also seems to have diarrhea. very strange.
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Every birds lay eggs . There is no such thing as a bird does not lay eggs . Birds are so beautiful!
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Female sparrow give birth to baby sparrow.
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Sparrows are hatched out of eggs. I too have birdhouses, which I do not like to disturb but when you clean them out in winter, you will find tiny pieces of eggshell. Birds are awesome.

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