What Does A Moose Look Like?


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Moose can look slightly different depending on whether they are male or female. Generally male moose have huge antlers, which in some cases can spread to about six feet between them. They tend to have very long faces along with a muzzle that hangs over their chins. In addition, under their throats they should have a bell, a flap of skin that dangles down.

  • Food
The food differs between seasons for moose. In the summer they tend to frequent the Northern regions of America as well as Asia and Europe because there is more food available. They tend to eat plants and shrubs and they can sometimes be found near lakes and wetlands because they like to feed on the aquatic plants that are grown underneath and around the water. In the winter, moose usually feed on pine cones as well moss; in order to do this they usually use their big hooves to scrape away the snow.

  • Habitat
As mentioned above, moose tend to frequent near lakes and rivers because they are very adaptable to water. They are very strong and agile swimmers despite their size, and have the ability to hunt for food submerged in water. In addition, on land they are also very quick and have been known to run up to 35 miles an hour. They can also adapt well to very cold conditions because their hooves help them to support their bodies in snow and heavy mud.

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