My Dog Just Got Sprayed In The Mouth By A Skunk And Now My Whole House Smells Like It. How Do I Get Rid Of It? What Do I Do For His Mouth And The House?


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Prob bathe in tomato juice.
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I think my dog got injured by a skunk....she has some small cuts and smells of skunk. I washed the cuts with water and I don't know if the skunk had rabies. My dog has her rabies shots but I'm worried if I can get rabies by cleaning her wounds and bathing her.
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I just got a few good emails saying to bath the dog or cat with 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 baking soda
1 teaspoon of dish soap
mix and use immediately
avoid the eye area of the pet
and rinse well this brakes up the skunk oils to help get rid of the spray
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Hold your nose and wash it in tomato juice.
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Wow the house smells how awful I was told it just takes time and to cover it up the smell would just mean there would have to be a stronger scent in its place I would try baking soda and maybe some lysol
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Actually, tomato juice will just mask the smell for a while.  

The first thing to do is to make sure your dog has not been sprayed in the mouth or face.  This can be very dangerous for your dog. If he has, call the vet.  

Then, you can move on to skunk odor removal.
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So sorry, my dog was sprayed last year and it the worst smell ever. We did use the tomato juice, lots and lots of it. But it still takes a while for the smell to be completely gone. Good Luck.
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Bathe the dog in tomato juice, that is what I was told works. I know you can't use that on the surfaces in the house, but there has to be something like insense or pine sol or something like that. Hope this helps.

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