What Is A Hog?


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Hog is a kind of pig available in USA. Hog is basically heavy, fat producing domesticated pig. But due to cheap priced vegetable oil, the fat-value got decreased and as a result hogs are treated not for exclusively their fat-value, the for getting meat from them. In USA, at present, any pig with weight more than 120lb is considered as hog.

In USA, there are generally 8 major breeds of hogs and they are as follows:-

• Berkshire: black body with six white points, straight ears and short, dished snout

• Duroc: reddish colours, fatigued ears, fast growth

• Hampshire: black and white in colour, meaty corpse

• Poland China: black body with six white points, droopy ears

• Spot: white and black spot, high growth rate

• Chester White: solid white, medium sized, fatigued ears

• Landrance: white body, mothering ability

• Yorkshire: good mother, produce large trash

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