My Dog Has Sores, What Are They?


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Maybe you should ask your vet. It could also be a fungus or a really bad skin disorder.
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Our pit bull was in doggy jail too. When he came out his health slowly declined. He now has mange and we have taken him to the vet to get him treated. He has been on medication for almost a year now and it is not really getting better.

He has hair loss and pimple like bumps on his back that he is constantly licking, which opens them up and makes them bleed.

I hope everything work outs with your doggy.
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My dog has this same thing you are the first person i have found that knows what im talking about. Cant seem to get any help for it from vet. What are you doing for it.
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By sores, are they open? Bleeding, itchy? Is the fur missing from the "sore"? Is your dog scratching? Does your dog have flea, tick, fly, ant bites? Does your dog have allergies? Has this just become an issue? How old/young is your dog? Is your dog noticeably in pain? Is he/she chewing at these "sores"?
A vet can tell you right away what the EXACT problem is. In the meantime, try to answer some of the questions above to try to narrow the field down a bit. It could be anything from hot spots to allegy's to ringworm to mange.....insect bites......sorry could not help more but the field of the question does need to be narrowed down if possible. Good luck with your pet! There are many different types of skin lesions that can occur in the skin of dogs. And each lesion or combination of lesions can be caused by multiple diseases and conditions.
Some lesions are a manifestation of a dermatological disease while others are a manifestation of an internal disease. As an example dogs may develop ulceration in the mouth and crusting on their feet as a manifestation of liver disease or pancreatic tumor.
Red itchy bumps may be caused by diseases like bacterial infection, (ringworm), (red mange), scabies (sarcoptiform mange), food allergy, and contact allergy may need to be considered.
A sore or "sore(s) could, as you can see be anything. 
Some lesions are primary (caused directly by the disease process) while others are secondary (such as self-inflicted) or are just a manifestation of chronic itchy skin.
Most of skin lesions or sores are secondarily infected with bacteria and it is likely that your dog may require weeks of antibiotic to resolve the secondary bacterial infection.

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