What Kind Of Spider Or Insect Leave A Pimple Like Sore With A Red Ring Around Sore And Filled With Puss, In NC?


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It sounds like either a brown recluse spider bite, or a bite from a black widow spider.

Either way, you need to see a doctor immediately. The effects of this kind of spider bite can be fatal, and leaving it too long could cause your body some incredibly damage. So don’t dwell on the Internet, see your doctor today and see what they can do.

What Symptoms Can I Look Forward To?
You should have a puss filled pimple in the area that you have button, and the red ring around the bite should be getting bigger. You will soon start getting blurred vision and cramps in your stomach. These are generally the symptoms of a serious bite, as I mentioned, and hence you’re going to need some treatment.

What Can I Do To Ease The Pain?
The pain that actually comes from the bite can also be treated with over-the-counter pain medications. Hot and cold compresses in the mean time can also help you ease the pain, until you get to the hospital. You will no doubt experience more severe symptoms, however, and if this occurs then narcotic pain medications and muscle relaxers will eventually be provided to you. Antivenins can also be administered to help you after you have suffered the bite.

What Happens Now?
If you are not treated with antivenin, the symptoms could persist for a number of days, and on occasion can be life threatening. If the antivenin is used, however, then you will be monitored for effects that the medication may have. This is because the medication is actually made from horse serum. It can also cause very bad allergic reactions in some people. So don’t chance it - go and see your doctor as soon as possible and they will be able to reduce the pain and stop you from suffering incredibly severe symptoms of the bite.
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Go to a doctor right away! Ring worm is nothing, but a bite from a black widow or a brown recluse spider will do you a lot of harm.

Go to Google and type in "brown recluse spider bite", and you'll be convinced.

DO NOT WAIT to get medical attention, or you will regret it. This is serious !!! (I speak from personal experience and I tell everybody whenever I get a chance.)

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I don't think it was a brown recluse, because I now remember that I flicked a little black thing off of my hand it looked like a nat/fly/spider. It was real small. The sore is still there today, but only tender to the touch. My father-in-law said he got bit by a little black ant in the garden one time and it left the exact same pimple type sore on him too!

Thanks for your input though!
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Yes, ant bites can also give you blisters.
Very happy for you. But one can never be too careful.
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Sounds like a poisonous spider bite.  Possibly a brown recluse, they leave bite marks like that.

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