What Is A Bichon Frise?


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Bichon frise is a breed of small dog. They are considered as pet dogs. Bechon frise is also known as Bichon Tenerife. The country of origin of bichon frise is Belgium and France. They are specifically famous and they look very cute with their fluffy coat and cheerful temperament. The coat is almost white or sometimes cream colour. The colour of their eyes is usually black or deep brown. Their nose and lips are black. Ears are lengthy and are covered by soft hair. They are very devoted to their owners and often it is seen that they develop a tendency to lick their owners. Bichon frise needs to be cared very well especially their face and eyes as well as anal areas. Their life span is around 13-16 years.
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It is an extremely cute dog. Even when it is grown. Click on this link I found some pictures on google images. You are going to love them.
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I ro have a bichon frise they are very devoted and mine cant go anywhere without me, he has to be where I am at the whole time he is alway underfoot but good companions very playful type of dog.
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Same here.
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Isn't that the little white dog on the dog food TV commercial? Cute!!!
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A Bichon Frise is a small curly haired dog. They are little Frenchies and originated as hunting and circus dogs. This type of breed has a white coat and feathered tail. You must be crazy since you don't know this type of breed. :)

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Oh my god!!! I HAVE A BICHON FRISE and they are awsome and cute!! Never diss a BICHON frise and always get a girl the boy one's can be abit crazy.. :)

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