I Have A Bug Bite That Is Red And Inflamed The Bite Itself Is White And There Is A Red Streak Going Up My Leg. What Could It Be


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I don't know what type of bite you have, but I'd be concerned with the red streak going up your leg and you should get this checked out urgently.  I know that a red streak can be a sign of infection in your blood--though I'm not saying this is what has happened, merely a possibility, but one that you shouldn't ignore.
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It can not be told about the bug bite without having a look on it because it require differential diagnosis from other conditions which are also like redness, swelling etc. White spot on the bite site indicates infection. Apply topical antibiotic and take anti allergy medicines or visit to a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Where I come from it sounds like spider bite or something else poisonous. A red streak is usually sign of poison traveling in blood stream. If moved further along see doc immediately. If you can't, call your Hosp. E.R.
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It sounds like MAYBE a Brown Recluse spider bite!
ER Fast!

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