What Kind Of Milk Can You Use For Puppies If The Mother Dies?


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I'm so sorry. Do you know what she died of? Any sort of infection could have transferred to the pups and generally kills them pretty quickly as well without very quick and proper treatment. You need to get puppy replacement formula (not cow or anything, they are lactose intolerant and doesn't contain proper nutrients) and maybe some nutri-stat/nutri-cal to add a tiny amount. Have your vet teach you the ins and outs of bottle feeding and caring for young pups if they are nowhere near being able to drink formula from a shallow dish. If they are very young and Dam would still be producing colostrum (where the pups get the bulk of their antibodies from) look for a formula that contains colostrum. A Dam's actual milk usually comes in on day 3 or 4 and she produces colostrum until then.
It is very easy to make mistakes that can make them ill and kill them pretty quickly if they are being bottle fed such as position (aspiration pneumonia), force and flow (aspiration pneumonia), temperature of formula and of the pups themselves as they can not regulate their own body temperature until a certain age and also can not digest their food if not at the correct temperature, they need to be stimulated to go potty as they can not do so on their own as newborns and need to eat every two hours or so 24 hours a day and if they are so much as fussy (aside from any obvious signs) it means there is probably something wrong.
Please remember that even bottle fed and early weaned pups need to remain together until at least 8 weeks of age for socialization and future behavioral purposes that make them good companions later in life or can suffer from life long behavioral issues that are difficult or even impossibile to correct if the foundation isn't there from being separated from the family unit too soon.
Again, I am sorry about your Dam, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Tons of luck!

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