What Is The Best Type Of Indoor Rabbit Litter?


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Hi! I am not completely sure, so I found this website that tells you:
And if you are trying to find what to buy, then here is a website that recommends what are that best companies for the products!
I hope that since I helped you, you help your pet rabbit be happy in his bedding! :]
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I use "Cozy Comfort" for my indoor rabbit. I buy it at target for around $8 a package and it last about a month for one rabbit, its made out of wood fibers, however it is very soft and feels like cotton. It absorbs all the odor in his litter box and he enjoys using it. I would avoid using wood chips because when urine mixes with some types of wood it can creates ammonia, and will damage a rabbit's liver rather quickly (plus it smells worse than the urine!).

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