What Is The Normal Blood Glucose Level Of A Rabbit?


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The actual rabbit AH glucose levels could vary from 190mg/dl to 260 mg/dl. Just like Human beings, and other mammals, there is a range of glucose levels and not one specific value. This is because individual levels will vary from one rabbit to another. This will depend on the age, sex, breed, activity levels, and also moods of the rabbit. For example, female rabbits in heat or pregnant rabbits will have blood sugar that is different from male rabbits. Generally, blood sugar studies in rabbits are conducted using normal rabbits for whom the initial levels are measured after they have fasted for a few hours depending on the type of research conducted. If elevated blood glucose levels are found then diabetic rabbits have to be treated just as human beings. This can be done by administering insulin or corosolic acid. Researchers have found out that fairly large doses of corosolic acid have been instrumental in reducing the blood glucose levels in Rabbits effectively. If it is administered orally it also helps in reduction in levels of blood sugar but he outcomes vary quite a bit.

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