What Is The Price Of A Rabbit?


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The price will vary depending on the type, breed and quality of the rabbit you're after.

For example, distinct breeds of rabbits such as the droopy-eared Lops can cost up to $60 while Dwarf rabbits can range from $25-$40 and the soft furred Angoras bunnies can set you back $50.

Buying from a pet shop will usually be more expensive; a non-pure bred rabbit could cost $60. The quality of the bunny will also be in question as the shop probably won't have information about the background and history of the rabbit. Another option is to buy from a breeder as they tend to sell bunnies for cheaper, compared to pet shops, and will probably be able to give you a detailed history of the rabbit's background. In some cases, the Breeder can show you the parents so you get an idea of what your bunny will look like at a later stage.

It may be harder to track down a local breeder than to visit a pet shop, but check newspapers, the Internet, pet food distributors etc. It's worth going the extra mile as you might be able to get a pure bred, show standard rabbit with a pedigree for around $15-$30.

Bunnies can also be bought in local rescue or shelters. This is an option if you want to work towards a good cause and adopt a rabbit who has had a tough life. Although they are in a shelter, it doesn't necessarily mean they are aggressive and untamable; some of them could have been abandoned because their previous owners didn't know how to look after or care for them. Shelter bunnies can cost from as little as $25 and will usually already be spayed or neutered and up-to-date with any shots or vaccinations.
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In a pet shop rabbits can be expensive. For Example: A non-showable, non-pure bred rabbit could be about $60. But from a breeder you could get a pure bred, showable rabbit with a pedigree for about $15-$30. To find a breeder call a local 4-H rabbit club. And there are about 45 rabbit breeds recognized by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Asso.) too.
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I just want to say that it seems that most pet stores know absolutly nothing about rabbits. I bought a 7 week old angora cross his sister was shedding lots of hair while being brushed, the store people said it was because they were angora NO as I found out later they were riddled with mites which was making her hair fall out.  Baby rabbits should not be shedding! I thought the one I got was free of bald spots ( I thought I´d checked throughly but missed spot behind ears) I should have known better myself than to think it wouldn´t be on all the litter.
(cost of rabbit $60, cost of treating mites which included vet fee $80 plus $30 for more flea meds to make sure other rabbit I have at home was ok and had not caught it too) This same rabbit almost died 2 weeks later, ended up being liver infection at 9 weeks old to young to have caught it got it from mother in womb. This cost me over $500 to treat and 3 sleepless nights as I had to wake up every 4 hours to hand feed it to keep its guts going. Also had to inject fluids under skin.
We are glad our rabbit survived all this but oh my god just 3 weeks after paying 60 it cost us so much more. Friggen pet store only has 24 hour replacement policy if they get sick. Not that we´d replace rabbit and let it die but they should pay the bills for poor ´product´
moral of the story I think buy from breeder and see what condition mum and litter are in. Could tell you lots
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My son was in 4-H and he bought all his rabbits from a breeder.  But check them out with different organizations.  NEVER buy ANY animal from a pet store.  This is from a Vets. Daughter.  They have more wrong with them and usually end up dying.  Depending on the breed of rabbit it will cost you $20. To $100.00  depending on what you want to spend and how much you want to get into the breed and project.  Good luck and have fun.
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It will be more expensive to buy from a shop but you would know that the rabbit had nothing wrong with it, whilst if you bought it from any person you could not be sure of it's upbringing.
It could end up costing you a lot of money!!

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