I really want an indoor pet...something cuddly, but i cant have a cat or a dog, i dont think i can have a rabbit or guineapig inside either?


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You could try for a pair of lovebirds which can be trained to perch on your hand or with my cousin's birds, she trained them to hop along her arm.
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How about a mouse, they are only 3 bucks and can live inside an aquarium (without water of course).  Buy 2 mice, a 30 buck aquarium,  10 bucks in food would last probably 3 months, toys 10 bucks maybe a few extras and yours set.

Compare it to dog or cat and you save a ton of money. Problem is if the mice are let out they will try escape and often do so.
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Kit Kat
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Yea i thought about mice but your right, if they got out i think my parents would resort to rat poision...
Alani Nani
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You should get a baby owl you could find them in your local shelters.They are quiet but if they get to comfortable they might "hoot" a lot.
Amanda Garner
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try getting a baby bunny!!!!! I have 1 and they r soooooo cuddly!!!

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