Is Dry Dog Food Bad For The Dog's Kidneys?


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Dog food is available generally in two categories. It can either be dry or canned. Both the commercial brands are good for dogs as they generally contain all the nutrition requirements for the dog e.g., proteins, minerals and carbohydrates. Dry dog food is not bad for the dog in any way and does not harm the kidneys. In fact some people believe they are good for the dog's teeth as they prevent tartar build up.

Having said this one should also know that the food should be appropriate for the age of the dog. This is because older dogs should not be given a high protein diet. Their capability for digesting the same goes down with age and may damage the kidneys in some cases. Moreover if the owner, at some point of time, wishes to change the brand of dog food, he should make the change in a gradual manner instead of changing it abruptly.
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I agree with what was said above. But also, again - dogs also supposed to get wet food - they need meat.
Also depends on the brand of the dog food. Some of the ingredients of "unknown" dog foods are not equal to most know brands of dog food. They dog might get other problems from certain dog foods, especially when it is still a puppy.
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Dry dog food could damage a dog's kidneys if the dog does not have free access to water.
Other than that I agree with rajeshshri1982.
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My dog eats dry and has had some kidney issues, but I don't know if they were connected...
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Not at all, and in fact dry dog food is really beneficial for the teeth of the dog. Dry canned food is not able to promote dental health as dry food is. The kibble, when being chewed up before swallowing, scratches and scrapes off tartar and plaque.

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