What Spider Has An Abdomen That Looks Like A Porcupine Back?


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Samantha answered
I am sorry to disappoint you, but I searched google, and I didn't find anything, I am afraid that there isn't one. Maybe there is a spider that has an abdomen shaped like a porcupine's back, but it might be called something else. I hope you find what the spider's name is called! :]
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Kelley Brox answered
I have the same exact bug that I caught last night that has a porcupine back and has like 6 legs I believe. I haven't got that close to it because it looks freaky! It is the second one I have seen in my place. Somebody tell us what this is - someone has to know...
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I have the same spider with me now.. But I hav no idea what it is.. Hes in a jar.. Right next to me..

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