Why My Black Lab Drags His Butt?


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Usually means they need their anal glands expressed and are attempting to do so themselves (usually unsuccessful). Most small dogs and many of the larger need them expressed regularly or they become infected and impacted and need treatment. You can have this done at the vet and most groomers include it in their services as well.
If he's been doing it for awhile you may want to see the vet in case they are or are becoming infected and you pup need the right medicine as well as an expression. Otherwise a regular trip to the groomer and just monitoring by the vet can be a bit more bang for your buck since you get a bath and brush, A/G expressed, nails, ears, usually maintenance trim (pads, potty path ect.) if needed or if you get their hair cut. Also, it usually reeks and the odor can linger so the bath comes in handy, lol.
When you go to a groomer make sure they know it's the main reason you are visiting in case the bather may forget or something and be sure to ask if they hand dry or cage dry. Cage drying isn't particularly safe and the pups look so much better if hand dried even if it is a little scary for them at first and the pups get a lot more individual attention and a lot more of the loose hair comes out so less shedding for awhile usually.:-)  Asking your friends and aquaintances about their groomers can be helpful in finding a good place to go.

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