My Dog Just Ate Some Of A Fire-Starter, And I Have No Idea What To Do. Can You Help Me?


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My dog ate a fire-starter. What can I do?

You should take your dog to the nearest veterinary practice immediately to ensure that she doesn't suffer serious damage.

The contents of the fire-starter itself shouldn't be poisonous, but the consistency of the material can cause it to create blockages in your pet's digestive system.

Your vet should be able to make your dog sick - which should clear up most of the problems. However, if you cannot reach a vet in time, then you'll have to monitor your pet very closely.

  • Fire-starters are made of paraffin and sawdust, which may have a laxative effect on your dog - causing vomiting and diarrhea. However, it shouldn't cause your pet any serious problems.
  • The material can cause significant blockages in your dog's body, and this is the biggest risk to your pet.
  • Do not give your dog any food for a good twelve hours.
  • If your pet experiences any other pain in the following hours, or seems to be lethargic, then you will need to rush it to the vet immediately.

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