Does Anyone Know What Might Be Wrong With My Dog? Should He Be Put Down Or Do You Think It Can Be Treated? We Have No Idea On What It Really Is. We Also Have Other Animals.


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Just have to speak up-I am a veterinary technician,and high fever is NOT a symptom of parvo. If anything, many parvo infected dogs have a LOW body temperature. A dog can most certainly have parvo and not have broken with vomiting yet-though most will have both diarrhea and vomiting at some point. Given the listed symptoms of bloody diarrhea and lethargy, parvo is high on the list of possibilities. You do not mention your dog's age, whether or not he has ever been vaccinated (if he hasn't had shots, or got one shot as a puppy but not the full series of puppy shots he is not protected) and whether or not he is on heartworm prevention. These things all factor into the probability of his having parvo vs. Intestinal parasites or something else. In any case, your dog definitely could have parvo,among other things. Parvo is treatable,and treatment is much more successful than it was years ago. The earlier treatment is started,the better the chance of recovery. Parvo is highly contagious to other dogs, but not to other types of animals or people. Also,the anus may swell with prolonged diarrhea but the colon does not. In any case, what you are describing is a very sick dog that needs to see a veterinarian. Go soon-whether it is parvo or not,this dog is sick,and the longer you sit on it the sicker he'll get,which means more treatment needed and more cost to you.
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Well, I don't think that your dog has Parvo. Parvo symptoms include vomiting and fever as well, where as your dog is only having diarrhea and you have not mentioned any sign of high fever or vomiting. The anal area gets swollen because of runny stool. When the large intestine has no solid stool to push it out, the colon gets swollen.
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My Puppy is 7 months old. She can't keep anything down. She eats everything from toys to wood. There is nothing she has not eaten. She ate a rubber dog toy. Started vomiting , it was in the vomit. She continued to vomit all day & still today. She can't even keep water down. She is in heat, totally active no change, bowel movements were fine up till now, she hasn't went out, but she is not eating. I have noticed that ever time or most when she gets sick it's after cleaning her pee pee. She cleans it all the time since she has been in heat. It has been three weeks since she went into heat about. Thank You
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Has your dog gotten into any soft bones that can splinter? Such as chicken or pork?.... Also my friend wants to know the age? Puppy? His puppy once ate a pair of panty hose and had to have them surgically removed... Obstruction maybe?
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Your dog has some major problems. I think if you really care for your dog you should not let it suffer

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