What Is Bull Shark?


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The bull shark is a requiem shark. Requiem sharks are the family of sharks which include Grey reef, Tiger, Lemon, Blue, Black tip, White tip reef and Bull (or Zambezi) sharks (among many others). The Great White shark is a Mackerel shark.
bull shark

The bull shark is no more capable of killing a human than any other shark of its size, which is 7 to 11½ feet long based, but is more aggressive than other sharks, even the Great White, and has attacked more humans than any other shark. It also comes in contact with humans more often than other sharks as it tends to hang around close to the shoreline - where humans prefer to be, prefers warmer waters - also where humans prefer to be and swims well up into the freshwater rivers - yet another reason humans are more apt to come in contact with them.

The Great white, on the other hand, is less likely to attack a human, but does far more damage than other sharks when he does. His size is what makes him so dangerous. He can grow up to around 20 feet long.
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Bull Shark is the most deadliest Sharks the is on this planet and is a off breed from the Great White Shark . They live and hunt all up and down the Pacific coast and the Atlantic coast . Most Shark attacks are from the Bull Shark .
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It's a mostly sea-living coastal shark that also frequently invades fresh water, such as rivers. There are many such sharks, but the bull shark is the most widespread and abundant in numbers. It's been recorded extremely far inland. For instance, in the US state of Illinois (having swam up the Mississippi River).

Latin name is Carcharhinus leucas. The bull shark has many other local names just within English, not least because of how common it is within inland waters.

Bull sharks are considered dangerous to humans. They may be at fault for the majority of bites. They don't really like to eat us, but they will react defensively and they are dumb enough to think we might be one of their preferred prey species. They are also unpredictable. Mostly they are solitary and sluggish creatures, but they can put on sudden bursts of speed. And of course, they are coastal species, preferring the same areas where people are most likely to enter the water. Bull sharks' ranges extend throughout the hot areas of the world (deserts and rainforests) and of course, far inland.
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A bull shark doesnt need much protection due to its intimidating size and teeth

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