What Is Shark Oil Good For?


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Does shark oil clean you out
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When people say "shark oil", they usually mean shark liver oil. So that would be the liver boiled down, and the fats of it distilled off and purified.  In fishermen's traditional folk medicine this stuff is supposed to be good for healing wounds, easing irritations of the respiratory tract and reducing swollen lymph nodes.

It's known for a fact that, like other fatty fish oils, shark liver oil is rich in essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, anti-corrosive agents (useful in car engines), squalene (a chemical precursor to steroids), triglycerides (high dietary intake associated with heart disease in humans) and many other complicated fat molecules.

Elsewhere "shark oil" is used to refer to what you get from literally boiling muscles and bones down, and then distilling any oil off.  This kind of shark oil has been shown to slow down cancer growth (read more.)  Of course, the sensible thing to do would be to isolate the active ingredients and produce them synthetically.

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