Are There Any Living Dinosaurs Today?


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Birds are the only dinosaurs alive today!

When the dinosaurs were wiped out around 65 million years ago, only the birds survived. Fossil records indicate that birds evolved from the theropod dinosaurs (the T-Rex was one of these) during the Jurassic Period.

The archosaur group only has two living representatives – birds and crocodilians. The dinosaur were archosaurs too, and although alligators and crocodiles had ancestors which lived alongside the dinosaurs, they weren’t actually dinosaurs themselves.

Living Dinosaurs
Living dinosaurs are hypothetical non-bird creatures descended from the dinosaurs. There existence has never been proven, but several different dinosaur sightings have been reported in the Congo. However, no photographic evidence has been obtained, and no bones or bodies have been found to support this claim. There’s more chance of Bigfoot existing!

The term “living dinosaur” is also used to describe any extinct dinosaur that is rumored to still exist today – for example, if somebody said that they saw a triceratops whilst waiting for the bus, you could say that they saw a living dinosaur.
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Yes. Crocodilian (the family which includes Alligators, Caiman, Crocodiles and Gharials) that live today are direct descendants of the crocodilian which were dinosaurs, therefore considered to be the living dinosaurs. They have changed only minutely to this day, mostly just in size.

The largest is a prehistoric (dinosaur era) crocodilian. The smaller one is a modern day crocodile.
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Actually, crocodilians are to dinosaurs as dogs are to wolves- they share a common ancestor, but crocodilians did not evolve from dinosaurs (or vice versa) and domestic dogs did not evolve from wolves. Dinosaurs and crocs actually come from the archosaurs, which were basically just crocodilians without the splayed legs.
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Dinosaurs are actually a lineage of archosaurs- crocodile-like creatures that also included crocs, gators, caimens, and such. Birds are a lineage of dinosaurs, directly descended from dromaeosaurs ("raptors") like velociraptor. In fact, the main differences between the two is that dromaeosaurs were mainly carnivorous, had clawed wings, longer tails, and most had symmetrical "flight" feathers. They even had wishbones!

I'm pretty sure birds and alligators are the closest we have to living dinosaurs.

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All birds are directly descended from dinosaurs so they sort of are around today.

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All living dinosaurs are birds. However, all dinosaurs didn't "turn into birds". It's much more complex than that. Think of it like this. There are two groups of dinosaurs, group A is dinosaurs evolving into birds and already evolved birds, and group B is dinosaurs that don't (both bird hipped and lizard hipped dinosaurs, but no actual birds). Group A and B both exist as early dinosaurs. Over time, Group A and Group B both start devoloping avian traits. Let's skip time to where birds actually evolve. Gradually, Group A evolved into avian dinosaurs (birds) and Group B includes dinosaurs with bird-like traits but no true birds. Group A birds keep evolving, but just as birds, and Group B evolves but just as dinosaurs, though some do look remarkably similar to birds. When the asteroid comes, Group B eventually dies out and Group A lives but experiences many losses and extinctions. Over time, Group A continues to spread and become various birds, soon becoming the only dinosaurs left

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