How Much Dry Puppy Food Should A 6 Week Old Lab Puppy Eat?


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You will need to keep track of the puppies weight in order to feed it the proper amount of food.  Each brand of food has different nutritional values and calories. Read the label for feeding directions.  It will tell you how much to feed depending on the weight of the dog.

Look for a food that does not list corn as the first ingredient and chicken by-product meal as the second.

    * Corn as a main protein source is a poor choice.  Use a brand of food that has a meat(not meat meal) as  as the first ingredient.  

    * Chicken by-products meal is the dry ground, parts of the chicken carcass(after all good  meat has been removed),such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, and intestines and sometimes heads and feet. It is of poor quality and hard to digest.

Several brands have meat as a main ingredient -check the labels. An affordable choice is Purina One Puppy food with lamb and rice as the first two ingredients. Having said that,  there are many choices but they are higher priced premium foods.  One should purchase a premium dog food with the best ingredients they can find and afford.

A great source of information about dog foods is The Dog Food Project

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