Is Cod Liver Oil Good For Dogs?


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Cod Liver oil is a high energy substance with significant calorie content and rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D and E.

If animals need nutritional supplementation of energy or Vitamin A then cod liver oil (and other fish oils) can be given to them but if the pet is eating a regular balanced diet there is fear of exceeding the limit of Vitamin intake actually required by the body. Also commercial pet foods which are available in most places are already loaded with large amounts of vitamins thereby reducing the need to take in extra supplements. Excess Intake of Vitamin A can lead to a build up of toxins in the body causing debilitating conditions like joint pain, lameness and spinal problems. In such cases foods like liver and cod liver oil are best avoided especially if the condition turns chronic.

Actually a teaspoon of cod liver oil provides enough quantity of the vitamin A for one week to a small dog. The prepared vitamins are not necessary for a healthy normal dog that receives a balanced diet, although they are good for dogs subjected to stress or convalescent.

Therefore it is advisable to give the cod liver oil supplementation only after consulting the vet so that excess doses of it are not given to the pet.
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Good for all dogs
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Probably not. It is an oil not dog food. For people not dogs. If you do feed it to your dog it could do 1 of 2 things: Make him sick ( most likely) or it could make him more healthy ( not likely) .
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