What Kind Of Spider Is Black, Fuzzy, With Blue Eyes And White Spots?


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There are a few types of spider that meet your description, especially ones with black bodies and white spots. The majority of spiders that you are likely to see with white markings are jumping spiders. They have a fuzzy black body with bands of white on their legs as well as some white spots on their back. The name 'jumping spider' comes from the fact that they stalk their prey and jump on them to catch it. However, jumping spiders are not considered dangerous to humans.

Your description may also refer to the white-backed garden spider which carries white markings on their legs as well as their back. However, the colour may range from cream to yellow on some spiders, and their abdomen is shaped like a leaf. Again, this type of spider is not dangerous, and they can be good for pest control.

Another form of spider you may be referring to is the wolf spider, which is of a fuzzy black appearance accompanied by white or grey markings. They are larger than the average spider, with the body measuring up to about an inch long. You need to keep in mind that these spiders will bite you, so you will need to consult a doctor if you are bitten but don't panic because the venom won't kill you.

The most dangerous spider that sometimes has white spots is the black widow. You may think that the majority of black widow spiders have a red shape on their bodies however; the male and young black widows can have white spots. A bite from one of these spiders is very dangerous so avoid them at all costs.

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