Why does my male cat have a big red ball hanging from his butt?


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Phil Newton answered

If your cat has a big red ball hanging from his butt it's likely that he's had a rectal prolapse.  It's important that you contact a vet immediately as a rectal prolapse can be a medical emergency. 

What is a cat rectal prolapse?

Simply put, a rectal prolapse is the result of rectal tissue protruding through the rear end opening of the cat.  The severity of a cats rectal prolapse can vary.

A rectal prolapse in cats is usually caused by straining when trying to pass a stool due to constipation, but can also be caused due to tumours, worms, parasites, digestive complications and many more ailments.

Is there a cure for rectal prolapse in cats?

Yes, there are treatments to resolve a rectal prolapse.  The vet will usually reduce the swelling of the prolapsed tissue with a solution, prior to reinserting the tissue into the correct position. 

Recurrence of a rectal prolapse in cats can occur, and it's something that should be monitored carefully.

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