I Found A Baby Snake In The Pool. How Can I Tell If Their Are Probably More Close Bye And If It Is Safe?


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Depending on where you live poisonous snakes are more likely in the southern states but the shape of a snakes head is the best way to find your answer if its diamond like in shape you could have a poisonous snake on hand
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First off, don't panic!  Snakes get thirsty too.  Secondly, most snakes are beneficial and generally all of them are more frightened of you than you should be of them.  All are more aggressive in the spring time (mating season), but you can use your skimmer to remove it from your pool and keep it a safe distance from you.    Now go to and type in snake identification and identify which state you are living in.  This will identify the venomous snakes and hopefully, abate your alarm.    Snakes follow food sources and water supply.  Eliminate as many as you can.  If you have woodpiles around you probably have small vermin or insects living there (i.e. Snake food), then it's time to clean up the yard.  If you don't , but have a big yard, you probably still have a good supply of insects.  Go to your pool supply store and buy a large bag of diamataceous earth (DE) and spread it over your yard.  It will kill the insects that eat it and eliminate the food supply chain.  DE acts like little razor blades in the insect stomachs (no it won't harm your pets or children).  Just spread it and wet sown the yard with your sprinklers.    Small snakes (like blind snakes) seldom get longer than 6 or 8 inches and actually are nice to have around as they take care of water bug (cockroach) problems if you live in an environment that supports them.    Good luck and happy snake hunting.
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You may want to go to a hardware store, southern states etc. And purchase a substance that is used to control snakes and or other pests and follow the directions for use.....good luck
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Sounds like a cobra, no it is not safe, because you found a baby. It could have been brought by someone with a twisted mind to freak you out, or it could have been born nearby. Be very careful. Contact authorities concerning what to do with the snake that you found.
If it has a pointed head chance are it is poisonous. If you found in water {the pool}leads me to believe you have found a water moccasin aka cottonmouth. My son was bitten by one in Florida 3 years. Ago & came very close to death! 8 inches long is not really a baby. When born they all stay together in the form of a ball. Chances are there are no more near by, unless you live on or near a canal or other body of water. Suggestion: Shock your pool to kill any that may be in skimmer or drain, then screen in the pool. Good luck!
Yeah it sound very creep and brutal an unmoral.a snake is one of the most dangerous and enormous animals in the world,so there are no chances of you relaxing in this kind of bad situation of been attacked by snakes-- ( like snake in the plane){its just a MOVIE }.so I understand the danger of you living in a very bad and unprotected area like where you do.but my most question is are you staying in the bush,I you living in a very complex complicated yard.that is too grassy.but any where makes sure you protect infants and minor children.

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