Why Is My Pregnant Dog Peeing All Over The House?


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I'm going to agree with pronetolie and say, as in pregnant women, the baby/puppies are pressing on her bladder and the poor doggie mom can't help it...♥
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Cara B answered
More than likely it is just the babies pressing her bladder just like when we are pregnant. She could also be marking the house for her babies. I don't know her temperament but she may be pretty protective when they are born. Have fun! Puppies are AWESOME!!!
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The puppy could just be putting pressure on the bladder. This could make her more prone to urinating more often. It sounds normal to me. However as said above it could be a urine infection.

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Cole Crawford answered
Its most likely that the puppies are just pressing on her bladder. Also, she can just be marking the house for her puppies.
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terry rossignol answered
How far along is she because she might have a bladder infection so I would go to the vet.But it could be that she is sending the house for the pupppies when they are born.
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I'm not sure my dog is even prego but she just started to pee all over every day. Thank god we have tile. I hope she is because if she isn't were going to be kickin her butt.
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It could just be marking but it's very important that you watch for signs of UTI (or crystal or stone) or pyometra (uterine infection often mistaken for heat or pregnancy) and get her in right away if you do. If the urination's are small and more frequent, she's drinking more water, maybe panting more, any discharge is thicker than normal or has clear mucus or pus in it, belly looks a little bigger, or if it's primarily the urination spot's your noticing blood in, or anything even slightly out of the norm as those are only some of the possible signs, you may want to have a check up to be sure. If this is not her first heat and not normal for her during a heat, I'd go. Hope she's okay.

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