My Dog Has White Stuff Coming Out Her Vagina What Does That Mean?


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The female dogs in heat usually have fluid discharge from their private parts. But if you think that your dog is not in heat, then there could be any problem with her reproductive organs or urinary tract. You should take her to a vet in this case.
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My mums dog had this problem and was told by the vet that the dog had a chill in its privates and that it would go away on its own also can happen around a seison
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Well, is it blood? If so its her period, if not blood what color, etc? Dogs can have a slight discharge the same as women do, but if its foul or a lot then I would see a vet.
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Hey my dog has white stuff coming from her vulva and it swollen to a dog is somehow getting in our house idk how but i think she got pregenaNTE she is not getting biggerr or eating more idk

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