What Is A Maltipoo?


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A Malti-Poo, also called Malt-A-Poo, Malt A Poo, Maltipoo, Maltepoo, is a Maltese - Poodle hybrid dog.  A Maltipoo is not a purebred dog. It is often considered a designer dog crossed between a Maltese and a Poodle. Many of these designer dogs are not necessarily 50 per cent purebred Maltese or 50 per cent purebred Poodle.

A Maltipoo produces dogs that offer the characteristics of both breeds of dogs mixed into one. This breed of dog is known to be intelligent, easy to train, and a great family pet. They are usually white in colour due to a normally white Maltese parent and possibly coloured Poodle parent. A coloured Maltipoo is considered quite hard to find and for that reason, generally cost more to buy.

The Maltipoo dog, when full grown, can be anywhere from 5 pounds to 14 pounds. Their final weight and size depends a lot on the dog’s pedigree. Many people also like these dogs because they do not shed. The coat of a Maltipoo is often fluffy and soft, sometimes having a bit of a curl or wave to it. Depending on the pedigree, their coats can also have different textures.

The hair of a Maltipoo tends to grow rather slowly but once grown, it does matt rather easily due to the curls or waves found in its hair from the parent Poodle. However, the good thing is that since these dogs do not shed, they are ideal for people with allergies. Maltipoo’s do require daily exercise but in small amounts. Usually running thorough the house playing is enough to keep them active each day.
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Maltipoos are Maltese and Poodle mixes.  Commonly referred to as "Designer Breeds" The mix can be beneficial in the reduced amount of genetic defects but can also be problematic in that you really can't tell what you are getting, especially as a puppy.  Always request to see the parents of the puppy....and I would stick with AKC parents as well.
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Maltipoo (also known as maltepoo, moodle, maltapoo, and malti-doodle) are not a very famous breed. Maltipoo puppies breed is considered under the toy group of dogs. This is a hybrid breed. Because of a hybrid breed maltipoo puppies history is not very long. This breed is produced as an experiment. This breed has been bred from poodle and maltese breed parents. The reason for the experiment of this disease is heterosis effect. Heterosis effect in the dogs is got by crossing two different types of breed, which results in a healthier, more vigorous dog with a reduced chance of genetic disease.

This does not mean that the hybrid breed is a superior breed than the parent breed. It is just to reduce the chances of the diseases which are the genetic diseases of a pure breed. The goal in the experiment of maltipoo breed creation was not to create a new breed by experiment but to reduce the effect of genetic diseases of parent breed in order to get a happy and a healthy pet. This mixed breed is recognized by the American canine hybrid club as the malt-a-poo. Now new generation of the maltipoo breed puppy may be resulting from cross of two pure matlipoo or similar mix breed as mentioned earlier.

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