My Dog Got Bit By Another Dog, How Should I Take Care Of The Wound?


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If your dog is up to date on his/her shots it should be fine considering stitches are not needed. I would clean the abrasion with hydrogen peroxide and then apply a small amount of triple antibiotic ointment. Watch the wound and make sure it's healing properly. I would talk to the dog's owner if you know who they are. I would contact the humane society to report this incidence. All pet owners should have their animals on leash @ all times regardless of the law. This is just common courtesy to other people. I am not a vet, but I am a health care professional.
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What you can do is clean it with proxide and put some neospoin on it, figure out how you keep you baby from licking the cream off.  My baby thought she was hot stuff in a fight and got bit on her but I cleaned it that way and put a cone on her and it healed about a week later.  Hope that helps.
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Forgot something make sure if the other dog rabies is up to date and if not call the animal control.
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I would probably get it checked by the vet.

Dog punture wounds are very prone to infection. Because the puncture wounds are a semi-closed wound, they are unable to drain properly and the infection cannot be carried out of the wound. Also dog saliva carries a lot of bacteria. Often you find with dog wounds that the damage you see on the outside, is often not as bad as the damage under the skin. The way a dog bites causes the skin to be torn from the muscle which usually need to be repaired.

Even if your dog doesn't need surgery it will definitely need antibiotics.

Good luck :-)
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If it is really deep you may want to take your pup to a vet, if not, when my dogs play fight and get hurt we use vasiline, it will help and protect the wound from flees and such. You may want to cover it with a bandage if its bad..
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You should get him checked out by the vet to ensure he's got all his shots and to get treatment for the dog bite like stitches etc.
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Keep the place clean with antibotic in case the other dog hasnt had rabie shot. You may want to take it to a vet to get it checked out
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I think stories like this are the saddest. You may want to take him to hospital. If it is a minor bite, you can bandage it and clean the area with peroxide or aclchohal.

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