Is my russian tortoise pregnant?


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You would want to see your reptile/herp vet soon for an exam. Are they of a size that indicates they are mature enough to begin breeding and their sexes are absolutely confirmed?
There isn't only one reason for swollen limbs and can also indicate some more serious problems that they need to see their reptile vet for sooner rather than later such as metabolic disease. You also generally need to be careful when feeling around and don't want to make a mistake by not knowing exactly what to do and not to do.
Your reptile vet can go over some important things with you such as how to feel around with less chance of making a mistake; if she is gravid what sort of environment and care she needs and is most conducive to her laying eggs; and what sort of things to look for that may mean she is egg bound and in need of her vet; go over basic care and see if they have any additional advice in general and if you intend to allow them to breed (health and environment are extremely important and breeding can cause a decline in health if things aren't done in the ways that are most beneficial) and all those sorts of things.
They can also go over some of the more common signs to always keep an eye out for that mean you need to see them asap. By the time a reptile shows signs of a problem that is obvious to even less knowledgeable and experienced keepers, they are often in pretty big trouble so it's good to go over some of the more common signs and basic guidelines with them as they can be very subtle sometimes.
If you don't already have a good reptile vet you can check in the first link below to see if there is one listed near you. Good Luck.
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We want to thank everyone for responses regarding our female Russian Tortoise Francheska. She has returned to her natural normal, unswollen state and we are very thrilled. It has been a long stressful two weeks as we were very concerned about her. Franklin and Francheska live at a school in a classroom in a nice tank especially designed for them and are very important valuable members of our community. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
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Having read the comment you made to Daves answer, I would say that your tortoise is unlikely to be pregnant unless she has been in contact with a male .  But I would say that at her age she could be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis .  Best to check with a vet .
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Let me see your tortoise and I will tell you
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I do not have the technology for you to see her. Her name is Francheska and I have had herfor at least eight ti ten years. Francheska has recently become swollen in her legs mainly, but her arms look bigger also. I followed an answer an was trying to feel whether I felt eggs in her legs. I feel something, but not having really felt them prior to this, can not really tell if there is a difference from before. Although her legs/limbs are totally differentthen Franklins now.

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