There Is A Lump On My Cats Chest The Size Of A Golf Ball.....i Just Noticed It....what Could This Be?


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This could be cancerous, allergic, due to infection, inflammation, or a foreign body.  There are certain clues you can get about the nature and origin of a lump from it's appearance.  In general, lumps which grow quickly, are irregular in appearance and have ill-defined margins are regarded more suspiciously.  However, the only way to conclusively determine what it is composed of is to have it tested by a veterinarian.  Initially, your vet will do a fine needle aspirate.  This is when a needle and syringe are used to suck out a sample from the lump.  The sample is mounted on a slide, stained and examined under the microscope.  Depending on the results it may be necessary to do a biopsy.  This is a more accurate test as it tests a larger sample of tissue.  The tissue is usually sent away to a specialist laboratory for examination.  

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