Which Is The Largest Species Of Crocodile In The World?


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Crocodylus porosus, common names= saltwater or estuarine crocodile. they are also the largest reptiles existing in the world. Some snakes are longer, but the snakes don't weight as much.

Crocodylus porosus ranged historically from Thailand to Vietnam, throughout New Guinea, Indoneasia, Malaysia, and in northern Australia. These are the crocs that Steve Irwin used to wrestle with.

When it hatches out, Crocodylus porosus is already about 1 foot (30cm) long. Specimens reach over a metre long by they time they are 2 years old, and may exceed 5 metres long (16 feet) by adulthood (12-16 years old). The males typically weigh in excess of 1 metric tonne (1000 kg). The largest specimens (rare males) have managed to get over 6 m long, though.

The second largest species of crocodile is the Nile croc of north Africa (Crocodylus niloticus ) which males have managed to reach a reliably recorded maximum of 5.5 m long. On average, though male Crocodylus niloticus average under 5m long and "only" about 500kg (1100 lbs). Not that much smaller, really.
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The largest species of crocodile alive today are saltwater crocodiles and like  said can max out at 23 feet and 1.5 tons and since they spend time on land as well as in the water they can be placed as the longest amphibious creatures alive today although the elephant seal may reach similar lengths(22 feet 5 inches) and weigh 5.5 tons making it the heaviest and the walrus may weigh 2 tons so the saltwater crocodile is still the longest but not heaviest amphibious creatures but at 3,000 pounds it is still monstrous.

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