Are There Other Sicknesses That Mimic Parvo?


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Many illnesses mimic Parvo.  I came across a great site called Parvo Puppy, Here is what they say....  IS IT REALLY PARVO? ~ There are many diseases that can mimic   parvo.  Some of these diseases are viral, some bacterial, others are     worms or protozoan. Here is a partial listing of diseases that mimic parvovirus:  1.  Campylobacter aka "Campy" or Campylobacteriosis Jejuni   Parvo or is it Campylobacter?  2.  Coccidiosis aka "Cocci" or Coccidia (single celled organism -   protozoa)  3.  Coronavirus  4.  Distemper aka Hardpad Disease (exhibits upper respiratory   symptoms)  5.  Giardiasis aka Giardia (single celled organism - protozoa   (trophozoites) 6.  Food Poisoning (i.e., salmonella)  7.  Poisoning (non-food; i.e., antifreeze, drugs - i.e., wormers)  8.  Intestinal Blockage (i.e. From consuming foreign objects)  9.  Worm Infestation (roundworms, hookworms, whipworms,   tapeworms)  10.  Dysbiosis (aka Leaky Gut Syndrome)  11. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease   (IBD), Colitis  12.  Ebola virus  13.  Dog Show Crud (Bacterial Overgrowth)  14.  Leptospirosis (Bacterial infection)  15.  Infectious canine hepatitis (virus)  16.  Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE)  17.  Heliobacter Infection (Bacteria)  18.  Addison's disease (Hypoadrenocorticism)  19.  Pet food poisoning

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