Are There Any Other Animals Apart From The Koala Bear That Eat Eucalyptus Leaves?


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  Yes, another eucalyptus eater is the greater glider, which lives in the rain forests and humid woodlands of eastern Australia, and spends most of its time alone or in pairs. It is a specialist leaf-eater, eating only the foliage and flowers of a few species of eucalyptus gum tree.

  To cope with this fibrous diet it has developed a set of efficient grinding teeth, and its digestive organs include an enlarged caecum - a part of its intestine - like that of the rabbit. Its caecum contains bacteria that works on the food to break down the cellulose.

  The greater glider is the largest of the `flying' marsupials, growing up to 50 cm long excluding its tail. It has a large skin wing, or patagonium and can cover large distances in a single glide. Greater gliders sleep among dense vegetation or in hollow trees by day and emerge at night to gather food. A glider will often travel some distance to find the right type of tree on which to feed.

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