Is Parvo Curable ? And How


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Parvo cannot be cured the treatment Zuhail has suggested is excellent. Also, a tablespoon of pedyalite every 30 minutes might help you treat your puppy at home....Parvo is very painful for dogs suffering from it. They're intestines are literally deteriorating, and they soon start bleeding. If possible take you pup to a vet.
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You puppy needs to see a vet. The symptoms of parvo are diarrhea and lethargy. Likely your dog has something else and not drinking is a serious thing.

A young puppy is unlikely to survive parvo unless prompt put on IV. I have seen reports of home cures, but very seldom.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
Parvo is still not totally curable and needs extensive hospital care. Parvo can be treated by giving your puppy the following things;

Intravenous fluids
Expensive plasma or hetastarch for protein.

You should go and check your puppy from a vet.

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