How Many Species Of Algae Have Been Found?


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Quite primitive and eminently aquatic in nature, algae are classified as plants, many species of which are microscopic. On an approximate basis, about 30000 various forms of algae have been found by scientists, their diverse assortment ranging from microscopic unicellular organisms to seaweeds that measure even more than 100 feet in length.

However out of these 30000 species, there are some types of algae, which could be categorized as the most significant ones. These types are inclusive of the blue-green algae, the red algae, the brown algae and lastly the green algae. Other than these four varieties, all other species of algae are all unicellular or multicellular microscopic organisms.

Besides being one of the main types, the blue-green algae is also one of the simplest types of algae as well. The most interesting attribute of blue-algae is their ability to survive in extremely warm temperatures - higher than any living being could survive in.
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Algae classified into following types:
1)Euglenoids (phylum euglenophyta)
2)Red Algae ( phylum rhodophyta)
3)diatoms  (phylum  chrysophyta)
4) dinoflagellates (phylum phyrrophyta)
5) brown algae  (phylum phaenophyta)
6) green algae  (phylum chlorophyta)

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