Does my dog look more like a Maltipoo or Havanese? I bought him thinking I purchase a malitpoo. My pets first vet visit, the doctor said he looked like a Havanese. I love my little Rocco no matter what breed, but I find it odd that I cannot find other Maltipoos that look similar. He was defined as a Parti Color maltipoo, with Chocolate white coat.


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Woof Woofy answered

your dog is really cute so it doesn't matter what breed it is :D

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Didge Doo answered

Your dog is delightful. Why embarrass it by giving it a trendy name? (Dogs have their pride, too.) If it's cross-bred it's a bitzer, but don't let that turn you off. Pure-bred dogs are often so closely interrelated that they develop congenital weaknesses ... Much like the European royal families.

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Renee Gonzalez answered

Here is a current picture of him:

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I looked up pictures of both breeds on Google and they look a lot alike.  Look them up yourself and see what you think. He's adorable whatever he is!!! 💗

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So your pooch has dubious parentage.  It doesn't matter.  Make up a new name for him.  Perhaps a Mutated Dwarf Norwegian Razorback with Irish Wolfhound tendencies.  I'd go for that label.

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